Virtue outsourcing is a market leader in call center outsourcing and IT services from overseas. We’ve been registered in the call center business for decades, and we’ve worked with both international and domestic clients since then.
At Virtue outsourcing, we think that providing excellent service is the only way to grow a company. Our team understands that the most crucial aspect of any business is the customer. We have personnel who are not only technically qualified but also welcoming, courteous, and clever. By providing exceptional employees, excellent service, and superior resources, we aim to develop strong relationships and strategic partnerships with our clients.
We are experts in retail, commercial, medical, and other industries, along with expertise in telemarketing, customer care, and consumer debt collection. Our sole purpose is to act as an extension of collection agencies based in the United States.
Our company’s operational knowledge, resources, technical know-how, and extensive experience in call center and IT services allow you to focus on your customers, sales, and marketing so that you’re able to grow your business.


Virtue outsourcing has the vision to be a premier call center that provides high-quality, low-cost services to a wide range of industries. We aim to provide trained personnel to every business at a low cost. Also, we strive to specialize and concentrate solely on consumer business needs while improving our skills continuously.


By collaborating with our clients and involving domestic and international clients in the hiring and managing of their personnel, we hope to become an extension of their offices. We also hope to develop strategic partnerships with our clients by providing them with high-quality services.

Fundamental Values

Our core values revolve around:
Becoming a valuable asset to our clients’ businesses.
Offering excellent service to retain our customers.
Fulfilling our promises at all costs.
Assessing our performance regularly to strive for improvement.
Encouraging a work environment that promotes growth and creativity.
Creating a company that values employees with a feeling of professionalism and integrity.

Build Your Career With Us

We provide call center setup training, IT infrastructure training, business applications, desktop applications, and cybersecurity training. You can join us to improve your skills and knowledge.


Let Us Bloom Your Business

Our team of experts knows exactly how to make your firm reach the top. Try our services, and know it for sure.